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I specialize in working with Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Entertainers in a number of ways. Consider me your online marketing & press expert. ​

No matter what field you work in, there are simple steps your can do to keep your business growing without losing important time.

The key is that you always need to be marketing yourself. Let me help.

I have  20+ years of broadcast/journalism/film experience and 15+ years of sales, marketing and administrative experience that includes social media management, outside and inside sales specializing in business development in the book industry. For authors, I am a writer so I can relate on many levels through your writing and publication processes. I am a dedicated individual whose experience has made me successful in every industry I have worked. My clients see me as efficient and professional with a knack for great customer service. Oh...and I know how to get work done and make it enjoyable.

Currently, I am the Content Coordinator for Applewood Living and Golden Living in Colorado. I am on the board for my second year with Women in Film and Media Colorado. 

Previous Experience:

Radio Host on the Women's Radio Network and Anchor for the Boomer News Network

Freelance Journalist - Various publications

Borders Group Inc: Sales Account Manager for Colorado, Montana & Wyoming

Borders Group Inc. Pacific Rim: Sales Account Manger: South Australia, Northern Territory & Western Australia

Photojournalist: NBC & ABC news affiliates

Photojournalist: Seminole News and Sports Network


A few more details:

I grew up in Denver Colorado before moving to the east coast to attend Florida State University. After graduating, I worked as a photojournalist for NBC & ABC news affiliates and freelanced as a journalist. After several years I began my sales career which took me to Australia. I returned to the US in 2005.

My passion is to help others become successful while utilizing my creativity. Some of my hobbies include:  writing, traveling, film production, photography & reading.




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